180 Boomers – Hiring Agents

180 Boomers – Hiring Agents

89.7% Report Their Organization Is Not Ready for Retiring Baby Boomer Engineers. 180 Engineering Can Help

On average, 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every day. Given than Baby Boomers comprise about 27 percent of the overall manufacturing workforce and a similar percentage of the engineering ranks, many engineering-based organizations are increasingly challenged.

Given tight budgets and competing demands, many organizations have not adequately prepared for this talent exodus. In fact, 180 Engineering conducted a recent survey to learn more about organization’s preparedness. We asked “Do you believe the industry is proactively preparing for the knowledge and skill gaps left by Baby Boomers leaving the workforce?” A whopping 89.7 percent of respondents answered, “no,” the industry is not proactively preparing for this transition.

Even more worrying, we asked “Are you concerned that Baby Boomers exiting the workforce is resulting in knowledge/skill gaps that will be damaging to your industry’s productivity and competitiveness?” 78 percent of respondents answered, “yes,” I am concerned.

180 Boomers was built to address this specific challenge that so many engineering-based organizations are grappling with. Many engineers poised for retirement do want to continue working, they simply want to restructure their careers to allow for more travel, more time with friends and family, or maybe some time to work on projects and interests they have had on the back burner for years.

180 Boomers matches companies needing to augment their full-time workforce with engineers looking for more flexible career opportunities to:

  • Manage projects requiring experience and specific expertise
  • Mentor up-and-coming engineering leaders
  • Spearhead knowledge transfer projects
  • Slow the impact of knowledge, expertise and experience leaving the workforce

180 Boomers can offer your organization:

  • Consultation helping management prepare and understand available options
  • Employee programs for Boomers who are considering retirement, but that you would like to retain in some capacity
  • Collaborative employee program communication efforts
  • Ongoing support for your employee from a 180 Talent Experience Manager (TEM) as they transition to 180 employment and beyond
  • Ongoing communication with your management team to discuss short and long term concerns relating to regarding your changing workforce

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