180 Boomers

180 Boomers

Solutions for Changing Times & a Changing Workforce

So, what is 180 Boomers and why did 180 Engineering create this new set of solutions? The reason is simple—the workforce is changing rapidly causing a great deal of challenge for many engineering-based organizations. Additionally, many experienced engineers want to continue working within the engineering profession they know and love, but feel it’s time to build a bit more flexibility into their careers.

Research shows that the Baby Boomers comprise about 27 percent of the overall manufacturing workforce and a similar percentage of the engineering ranks. On average 10,000 American Baby Boomers are retiring per day and the U.S. is simply not producing enough new engineers to meet the needs of our innovation-driven economy.

Looking at this state from the perspective of Baby Boomer engineers, many want to keep working; however, may desire a bit more flexibility and to perhaps experience some different professional roles.

180 Engineering spent a lot of time considering these challenges and exchanging ideas with our clients and talent partners. Ultimately, we developed a construct to match engineering-based organizations’ need for talent retention with the experienced workforce’s desire for flexibility. 180 Boomers was born.

If you are a hiring manager or human resources executive within an engineer-based organization or an experienced engineer looking to restructure your career, click the button below to visit the page designed for you for more information and to begin a candidates conversation with us.

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