Contracting Benefits

Engineering & IT Contract Jobs Might Fit Your Career Goals

180 Engineering is a boutique recruiting firm specializing in engineering jobs, IT jobs, and other technical roles. Often, job seekers are looking for full-time, direct hire positions within leading engineering, IT, or science-based organizations. Many of our placements are within such a construct. However, we are finding an increasing interest in engineering and IT contract jobs among our candidate network.

What Are Some Benefits of Engineering & IT Contract Jobs?

  • Good career transition route – engineering and IT contract jobs are ways to quickly build experience if you are working towards switching industries or functional areas.
  • Flexibility – increasing numbers of professionals are recognizing the desire for more flexibility within their engineer and IT careers. Some want to work only ten months of the year. Others want to work three days per week, rather than five. There are many other needs and goals that lend themselves to contract jobs.
  • Variety – some people feel that being tied to one company for long periods of time is simply not for them.
  • More money (sometimes) – contract versus direct hire pay rates definitely vary situation to situation. However, highly specialized professionals or professionals with very in-demand expertise can often command a considerably higher pay rate in engineering jobs and IT contract jobs than their direct hire counterparts.