Letter From Joe

Letter From Joe

Dear Candidates & Clients of 180,

180 Engineering is thriving, thanks to wonderful relationships with you and others. However, growth often causes growing pains and the past week has been a reminder. For the last week, we had limited website and email communication. While we planned to upgrade our domain and website implementation, this issue expedited the need to make the change.

The upgrade has been completed, and I am very pleased to announce our new website domain and corresponding email addresses: 180Engineering.com. With 180Engineering.com, we have employed a new hosting company under our domain control. In addition, the 180Engineering.com domain is more representative of our products and our brand promise.

I can assure you that our website and email issue last week did not slow 180 down in finding and placing outstanding candidates for you. However, if we didn’t respond to one of your emails, it was not received, so please re-send it and we will get back to you immediately.

We are very excited by 180 Engineering’s future because of our growing partnership with outstanding clients like you. We look forward to continuing to find top engineering and technical talent for you and your company.


Joe Coletta, Founder & CEO

180 Engineering