Project Management Series

Project Management Series

The 180 Project Management Series:

180 Engineering’s project management series created in collaboration with Project Management in Life
Sciences (PMinLS) consists of three pieces and explores the project management function, becoming a project manager within the medical device or pharmaceutical industries and project management trends within life sciences organizations.

If you’re debating whether you’re Project Management material, click here and take our, “Is Project Management Right for Me?” self-assessment.

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PM.1 / Is Project Management Right for Me?

The first piece includes:

  • Is Project Management Right for Me? Self-Assessment
  • From the project management trenches – discussions with five seasoned project and program management professionals
  • Project manager compensation – Midwest averages
  • Key responsibilities of a project manager
  • Project manager skill inventory
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certification – do you need it?

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PM.2 / Becoming a Project Manager within the Medical Device or Pharmaceutical Industries

The second piece includes:

  • What’s Different About Working in Life Sciences?
  • Project Management Within the Highly Regulated Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • 5 Tips for Breaking into Medical Device or Pharmaceutical Industry Project Management
  • Medical Device Project Manager Compensation
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Industry Trends
  • From the Life Sciences Project Management Trenches
  • Is Project Management Right for Me? Self-Assessment

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PM.3 / Optimizing Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Project Management Organizations

The third piece includes:

  • Project Management Organizational Approaches
  • Project Management Maturity
  • Project Management Maturity Model
  • Utilization of Contract Project Managers
  • From the Life Sciences Project Management Trenches – Conversations with Life Sciences Project Management Executives