Our Story

A Dedicated Technical Recruiter – Your Goal is Our Goal

Years of experience holding technical and business leadership positions within Fortune 500 companies allowed Joe Coletta, Founder and CEO of 180 Engineering, to see flaws in the talent acquisition process of many engineering-based organizations. Engineering recruitment agencies partnered with the leading companies Joe worked for, routinely dumped resumes on his desk with little understanding of candidates’ merits or shortcomings and seemed to have little interest in his goals. Also, their efforts too often vanished when a position was difficult to fill.

After conversations with his peers, Joe identified that many leaders of engineering-based organizations were experiencing the same struggle – engineering recruiting agencies without the technical understanding needed to engage quality candidates and without the dedication to fill challenging positions.

With the vision of finding and recruiting top engineering and executive talent for innovative companies in a new way, 180 Engineering was born.

Joe assembled a team of recruiting professionals rich with both engineering and recruiting expertise. Additionally, a team that would persevere as challenging-to-fill roles came their way. Guided by its core values – integrity, ownership, intelligence, resilience and scrappiness – the 180 team has placed more than 1,000 candidates since the company’s founding in 2008.

Our Mission

To be a premier recruiting and consulting organization producing the highest level of customer satisfaction through flawless execution of the recruitment and placement process, empowering bright and energized employees with a passion for helping customers, and fostering effective internal partnerships that support team effectiveness.

Our Vision

180 is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of improving lives, one placement at a time.

Our Core Values

These values represent what we stand for, what we embody, and what we want to contribute to the world.