Contract Staffing

An IT staffing agency for today’s needs

Today’s leading-edge businesses are under increased pressure to modernize and embrace new and emerging technologies for their IT infrastructure. Yet with IT unemployment rates at historic lows, many companies are struggling to hire and retain the specialized talent that’s necessary for achieving these business objectives. Rather than competing in the world of traditional IT hiring, today’s forward-thinking CIO’s and IT leaders are embracing flexible IT contract staffing solutions with 180 Engineering.

Our passionate team of skilled technical recruiters are standing by to quickly find the talent you have been searching for.

We provide options for contract, contract-to-hire, and payroll servicing for your temporary or project-based IT hiring needs.

180 Engineering specializes in staffing for a variety IT Infrastructure needs including (but not limited to)

Benefits of utilizing 180 Engineering’s IT recruitment and staffing services

Faster hiring

Contract staffing provides much faster hiring results than the traditional lengthy hiring process.

Tax withholding & declarations

180 Engineering withholds income and payroll taxes in relation to employees

Cost savings

Contract staffing allows for the “employment burden” (unemployment cost, employee benefits, workman’s compensation, and regulated employer taxes) to be passed down to 180 Engineering

HR support services

Our internal staff is readily available to handle employment disputes, contract renewals, and terminations

Recruitment expertise

Our team of skilled recruiters have the expertise to accurately assess a candidate’s experience, technology utilization, and personality fit within your team’s culture for your specialized IT contractor needs.

94% contractor retention ratio

Contractors on our payroll can expect the same level of support from our team

Prompt and reliable customer support

Clients can expect their concerns to promptly be addressed by their dedicated account manager and our friendly staff

Efficient onboarding

Background check, drug screen, reference check, and benefits sign ups are carried out quickly to ensure each contractor is ready to start.

Payroll & benefits administration

Our team manages payroll as well as benefits and social contributions.

Reduced hiring risks

Contract staffing allows for an employer to “try before you buy” with the ability to convert a contractor after the project duration is completed reducing the chance of a bad hire.

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