Industry Solutions

Technical Talent Acquisition Solutions for the Diverse Needs of a Diverse Market

The best engineering staffing agencies do not look at the market through the lens of one size fits all solutions. 180 Engineering knows that engineering talent and technical talent acquisition efforts must be approached based on the needs of the hiring organization, and often the needs of a specific situation. We work with hiring organizations to determine the best approach for securing technical talent, whether the selected approach be a retained search, contingency search, or contract staffing.

180 Engineering offers a variety of solutions for securing top engineering and technical talent

Direct Hire

With a no-risk contingency search, 180 will provide employers with a high-quality short list of professionals, requiring no payment until the successful candidate starts work.

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Contract Staffing

180 can help your company with completing projects, hitting deadlines and boosting productivity by placing temporary contract professionals with you.

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Consulting Services

Consulting services will match very experienced consultants with customers to address critical problems with focused and effective solutions at any level, including C-Suite roles.

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Retained Search

Locating highly-specialized talent and performing confidential or intensive executive searches requires a closer partnership between 180 and the employer, including an upfront payment and a heightened level of service.

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Payrolling Service

As a payroll partner for your contractor employees, 180 Engineering ensures transparency of expense, no additional fees on contract to hire beyond payroll rate, and lower costs through scaling discounts.

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