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Staffing the right database administrator can be a tough job. You need a professional who  possesses the necessary technology skills and experience to handle the maintenance of critical databases by installing software upgrades, troubleshooting issues, protecting against threats, and managing storage and security, as well as handling the implementation of various systems. Finding the right staffing agency to assist in that search can be just as tough. As an information technology recruiter with an outstanding reputation, 180 Engineering can get the job done, finding in-demand IT talent for your projects by sourcing full-time DBA contractors who have the right skills and who are a good fit for your budget.

Our clients expect a staffing firm that understands the needs of today’s rapidly advancing database infrastructure environments. They need a recruitment agency that can deliver contract database administrators with experience in:

  • Data backup and recovery methodology;
  • Performance optimization and tuning;
  • Security and integrity;
  • Database migration;
  • Management of database connections;
  • Documentation;
  • Coding; and
  • Design.

Our clients require DBAs who are skilled in working with Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server and who need no ramp-up time but can seamlessly integrate with their internal IT staff and company processes, whether at a physical or remote location.

180 Engineering will work with your IT hiring managers and human resources to fully understand your company’s project and information technology staffing. We promise to go beyond the job description in order to staff database administration professional contract workers who are reliable and committed to the responsibilities and duties of their career. All of our candidates go through a thorough screening process with a recruiter from our team to ensure that every submission is a qualified candidate who is a top performer in their field.

Case Study

The Challenge

A global medical device manufacturer was planning on upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server across the entire organization. The upgrade needed to happen within a tight timeline and with no disruption of service, leaving a tall order for the IT director who was tasked with overseeing the project. His only option was to add to his internal database admin team for the project since he was short handed on DBAs with this kind of experience.

The Solution

The director of IT was referred to speak with 180 Engineering by a professional colleague who had had success with our agency for his own IT staffing needs. An experienced account manager from our team sat down with the director to discuss the experience and knowledge that would be required by contracted DBAs, and drew up a database administrator job description. With that in hand, our team of award-winning recruiters then got to work, utilizing various channels including LinkedIn profiles, job boards, referrals, and social media to quickly surface a short list of qualified talent. In just a short amount of time, 180 Engineering submitted a selection of DBAs to the client, honing in on those people who had the right experience in database management systems and who also had participated in upgrade projects at large companies.

The Outcome

The director of IT was able to successfully carry out the Microsoft server upgrade across the company with the aid of database administrators we placed on his team for the project. The director was so pleased that several of our DBA contractors were asked to stay longer to take on jobs with other critical projects for the infrastructure team.

Our happy clients love to share their experience working with 180 Engineering

Based on 79 reviews
I had a wonderful experience working with 180 Engineering, specifically with Dana Straple. The position was a government job in the IT dept. Dana reached out to me to with the job description and mentioned that my experience would be a good fit. She got me an interview with the hiring managers and the decision makers. Each step of the way, she was in constant communication as to what was going on and what the decision makers were thinking. Due to the nature of some/most or at least this specific government position, the hiring process took about 6-8weeks. During that waiting time, Dana was in constant communication with me and ensured that I was going to get hired for the position but the approval process had several steps. Once I received the official offer, she walked me through that process and was still in constant communication even after the HR process, which was also a pleasant experience.I would recommend 180 Engineering since my experience with Dana was a positive one!
As a new graduate, I am very appreciative of 180 Engineering because they helped me land my first full-time position as an Application Engineer. The recruiter I worked with is TJ Gervino, and he reached out, informing me about a new opening that was quickly expanding. TJ helped me prepare for my interview, and I can honestly say that his suggestions with questions, emails, and mock interview topics made a world of difference compared to my previous experiences that I had alone. This was the calmest I've ever been in an actual interview, and I credit that a lot to TJ. Every step of the way, due to his connection with the company, he was able to give me their positive feedback. Going into each phase of the interviewing process, I felt better knowing I truly made a good impression. The entire process was really smooth and quick. We stayed in contact constantly, and I felt like I had someone truly in my corner pulling for me to succeed.
Best experience I've ever had with a recruiting firm! Adam was very knowledgeable and responsive. They helped me land a position that was exactly what I was looking for.
I had a great experience with 180 engineering team members and Chris Petkus during the whole process of interview scheduling and onboarding.
Working with 180 Engineering was a great experience from start to finish. My recruiter TJ was very knowledgeable and was able to find a great employer to match my skills and experience. The interview prep was solid and I got great insights to help me feel confident before going into my first interview. This organization is very holistic where they demonstrate they care for you as a whole person. After every interview the recruiters make sure the follow up and connect with you to debrief and provide any feedback. I would definitely recommend anyone looking to make a career move to consider partnering up with this organization.
My recruiter, Patrick Brigman, put my wants and needs in a job first. He connected me with a role that would be a good fit, then walked me through the entire process. He helped me not only with interview preparation but also with navigating the mental/emotional struggles that come with getting a new role, or in my case, my first role out of college. He was able to provide me information about the company, and he kept in contact with the company and gave me updates at each step of the way. Overall, this was a very pleasant experience and I felt like I had someone on my team the whole step of the way. I am very happy with the role I now have and am so glad I worked with Patrick at 180 Engineering.
Excellent experience from start to finish. Recruiters were very nice and helped me to prepare for my interviews. They did an excellent job keeping me updated on every step of the process. This is the best experience I've had with a recruiting company by far.
Julie from 180 engineering was very helpful throughout the process of the interview. She helped me for interview preparation and also helped in accommodating virtual and on site interviews according to my availability from the work. 180 engineering is genuine and honest recruitment agency.
My recruiter TJ spent more time helping me prepare for my interview than any other recruiter that I have worked with in the past. TJ and 180 Engineering really invested their time in my success. It is very much appreciated.
Great to work with! I had a good experience with 180 Engineering connecting me with a new employer and they helped out me along the way.


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