Our Approach for Clients

Technical Recruiting the 180 Engineering Way

All too often, the talent acquisition process is an adversarial one plagued by a lack of commitment from recruiting firms and poor information exchange between hiring organizations and candidates. These shortcomings make the hiring process more stressful than needed for candidates, inefficient and sometimes ineffective for hiring organizations.

This is not the way 180 Engineering and our clients approach the recruiting process. The reality is, engineering and IT talent acquisition are challenging enough given the tightness in the labor market and the challenging specialization required for many roles.

180 Engineering stands behind our core values of integrity, ownership, intelligence, resilience, and scrappiness to guide both our clients and our candidates through the process of finding one another.

The Client Journey

Develop an understanding of the opening and the role

A 180 Engineering account manager has a thorough conversation with the hiring manager and HR partner. Together, they dig in well past the bullet points of a job description to ensure that 180 Engineering has an accurate understanding of the context for the opening, the technical requirements, and the soft skills needed.

Outline process and expectations

We outline our process and set clear expectations for the hiring organization. This way, they know our commitment to the search as well as to providing transparent and timely communication throughout the entire process.

Source our network

Our team of experienced technical recruiters actively sources our vast network of engineering professionals as well as our candidate database, social media channels, and LinkedIn to find and thoroughly screen candidates to the requirements outlined during the intake process.

Submit candidate profiles and calibrate search

The first batch of candidates that we submit serve as a report card of how well we listened during the intake process. We work hard to make sure that this report is a strong one, taking and providing feedback to better calibrate the search.

Coordinate interviews

We assist with coordinating interviews for the selected candidates.

Prep for interviews

Prior to the interviews, we prep the hiring organization by sharing the candidates’ backgrounds and, very importantly, sharing what’s important to the candidates based on our extensive conversations with them. This helps to build a bond between candidates and hiring managers early in the process.

Provide post-interview feedback

After each interview, 180 Engineering will provide detailed post-interview feedback from the candidate sharing her/his interest level in the role, questions she/he may have, and updates on their other job search activity.

Assist in extending the offer

180 Engineering assists in extending the offer to the candidate and relays any lingering questions or concerns that they may have before signing in order to ensure a seamless transition to the client’s onboarding process.

Help client and candidate achieve goals

The filled position both achieves the client's business objective and advances the career of the candidate with an organization that fulfills their needs and wants.

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