Our Approach for Job Seekers

Technical Career Advancement the 180 Engineering Way

All too often, the talent acquisition process is an adversarial one plagued by a lack of commitment from recruiting firms and poor information exchange between hiring organizations and candidates. These shortcomings make the hiring process more stressful than needed for candidates, inefficient and sometimes ineffective for hiring organizations.

This is not the way 180 Engineering and our clients approach the recruiting process. The reality is, engineering and IT talent acquisition are challenging enough given the tightness in the labor market and the challenging specialization required for many roles.

180 Engineering stands behind our core values of integrity, ownership, intelligence, resilience, and scrappiness to guide both our clients and our candidates through the process of finding one another.

The Candidate Journey

Review past performance and career goals

A 180 Engineering recruiter connects with a candidate with the goal of having a conversation to better understand the candidate’s career history, technical skills, notable accomplishments, and career goals. If there is alignment with one or several roles for which we are searching to fill, we will proceed into a deeper discussion to ensure that the candidate is qualified and that the role meets their criteria to make a change.

Outline process and expectations

We outline our process and set clear expectations for the candidate so that they know our commitment to providing timely and transparent communication throughout the entire interview process.

Submit resume to hiring manager

The candidate’s resume, along with a summary of their relevant experiences in relation to the requisition and pay expectations, are submitted directly to the hiring manager for review.

Schedule the interviews

Our team works directly with the hiring organization and candidate to schedule interviews.

Prep for the interviews

Before each interview, our recruiter and the candidate will have a prep meeting to inform the candidate on what to expect, offer interview best practices/tips, and answer any questions the candidate may have.

Debrief and follow up post-interview

After each interview with the hiring organization, our recruiter and candidate will have a debriefing meeting to discuss how the interview went, check interest level on the role, address any concerns, and work to get answers for any lingering questions.

Assist with the offer

180 Engineering assists in extending the offer to the candidate and works to ensure that any questions regarding the offer or onboarding are answered.

Help to achieve advancement in career goals

The candidate is placed in a new role with an organization that is not only in alignment with their technical background but matches the desired criteria that the candidate outlined in their initial conversation with 180 Engineering.

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