Direct Hire

Direct Hire Solutions for Engineering and Technical Talent

Direct hire talent acquisition is not a one size fits all situation. 180 Engineering works with hiring organizations to determine the best approach for securing the needed engineering and technical talent, whether the selected plan be a retained search or a contingency search.

Regardless of the selected talent acquisition approach, 180 Engineering is a performance-driven organization. In fact, our direct hiring numbers tell the tale.

180 Engineering by the Numbers 

Percentage of Placements Per Job Order

180 Engineering performs 62.5% higher than the national average.

Time to Fill

180 Engineering fills positions in 37 fewer days than the national average – a 41% faster fill rate.

Candidate Submittals to Candidate Hires

27% of 180 Engineering’s candidate submittals lead to candidate hires, whereas the industry average is only 16%.

Direct Hire – Contingency Search

Contingency search services are no risk for hiring organizations as fees are not paid unless the hiring organization’s position is successfully filled. Giving hiring organizations a high-quality shortlist of professionals with fast turnaround is what differentiates 180 Engineering as a premier engineering recruiter.

180 Engineering’s Contingency Search Solution:

  • 180 Engineering’s recruiters demonstrate tenacity (we call it scrappiness) in filling contingency job orders to quickly deliver quality candidates.
  • The strength of 180 Engineering’s candidate network drives results.
  • 180 Engineering fills 42% of contingency contracts while the national average is only 24%.

Contingency Search Solution Structure:

  • The contingency search fee is billed on the candidate’s start date.

Direct Hire – Retained Search

Why would a hiring organization choose a retained search which involves paying money upfront, as opposed to a contingency search that requires no payment until the candidate starts? The most frequent reason is that a closer partnership between the hiring organization and 180 Engineering is necessary for a given position. For example, perhaps the situation calls for an intensive executive search or a confidential executive search. Or maybe the talent acquisition need is quite specialized, requiring the hiring organization and 180 Engineering to work closely together.

Although less than 20% of 180 Engineering’s searches are retained, we approach these scenarios with a heightened level of service and have achieved 100% success by placing exceptional talent with our clients.

180’s Retained Search Solution:

  • Guarantees successful results.
  • Facilitates partnership between the hiring organization and 180 Engineering.
  • Minimizes risk for the hiring organization.
  • Delivers successful results for more challenging-to-fill positions.

Retained Search Solutions Fee Structure:

  • 1/3 billed at the start of the search.
  • 2/3 billed on the candidate’s start date.
  • 120-day guarantee, replace at no cost.