Why 180 (hiring organization)

Why 180 (hiring organization)

Engineering Dedication Delivers Superior Recruiting Results

Competition for engineering and technical talent is fierce. Hiring organizations requiring this talent quickly suffer competitive disadvantages without strategic, ongoing recruiting efforts.

180 Engineering is exclusively focused on identifying and engaging top engineering and technical talent either with specific job opportunities or simply building our talent network so that we can quickly and effectively fill positions for our clients when the need arises.

Why work with 180 Engineering?

  • Fast time to fill for direct hire and contract talent
  • High percentage of placements per job order
  • High percentage of fills per contract
  • Low candidate introductions to hire ratios
  • High contractor retention rates
In fact, we believe numbers tell the story better than words ever could.

180 Performance

National Average*

Percentage of Placements per Job Order 39% 24%
Percentage of Fills per Contract 42% 24%
Time to Fill (from posting to
offer acceptance)
26 days (contract)
53 days (direct hire)
37 days (contract)
90 days (direct hire)
Candidate Submittals to
Candidate Hires
27% 16%
Contractor Retention Rates 98% 70%

*Sources: Techserv Alliance, American Staffing Association, & Undocumented Consensus.