Industry Solutions

Technical Talent Acquisition Solutions for the Diverse Needs of a Diverse Market

The best engineering staffing agencies do not look at the market through the lens of one size fits all solutions. 180 Engineering knows that engineering talent and technical talent acquisition efforts must be approached based on the needs of the hiring organization, and often the needs of a specific situation. We work with hiring organizations to determine the best approach for securing technical talent, whether the selected approach be a retained search, contingency search, or contract staffing.

180 Engineering offers the following solutions for securing top engineering talent and technical talent:

Contingency Search

Contingency search services are no risk for hiring organizations as fees are not paid unless the hiring organization’s position is successfully filled. Giving employers a high-quality shortlist of professionals with fast turnaround is what differentiates 180 as a premier recruiting and talent acquisition agency for engineering and technical professionals.

Retained Search

Some hiring organizations perceive that retained search is too risky and expensive. Why choose a retained search with 180 Engineering? Typically, our clients opt for retained searches for confidential executive searches, very specialized or difficult to fill positions, or when the hiring organization wishes to nearly guarantee a successful result.

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing involves the temporary placement of qualified candidates for a specific purpose. For companies that have an immediate employment need, contractors can be used to complete projects, hit deadlines, and boost productivity. Facilitated by an extensive network within Chicagoland area and the greater Midwest, 180 Engineering outperforms other firms within the engineering and technical realm.

Payrolling Service

Establishing a payroll partner for your contractor employees provides many benefits and 180 Engineering is happy to help.