Contingency search provides a no risk option

Contingency search services are no risk for hiring organizations as fees are not paid unless the hiring organization’s position is successfully filled. Giving hiring organizations a high-quality shortlist of professionals with fast turnaround is what differentiates 180 Engineering as a premier engineering recruiter.

180 Engineering’s Contingency Search Solution

  • 180 Engineering’s recruiters demonstrate tenacity (we call it scrappiness) in filling contingency job orders to quickly deliver quality candidates.
  • The strength of 180 Engineering’s candidate network drives results.
  • 180 Engineering fills 42% of contingency contracts while the national average is only 24%.
  • The contingency search fee is billed on the candidate’s start date.


Sometimes filling an engineering or IT job with a full-time, direct hire is the most strategic choice; however, sometimes it isn’t. Many engineering-based organizations are more frequently turning to engineering staffing agencies to provide contract staffing especially when:

  • The IT or engineering job requires highly specialized skills and/or specialized skills needed for a specific period of time. For example, specific talent for a one-year project
  • You are having difficulty filling positions and/or retaining talent due to a high rate of retirement within your organization
  • You need a larger number of engineering or IT professionals to fill a specific execution function
  • There is a hiring cap and/or hiring freeze within your organization, yet your team’s workload is increasing

180 Engineering by the Numbers

Percentage of Fills Per Contract Job Order
180 Engineering performs 75% higher than the national average.

Contract Job Order Time-to-Fill
180 Engineering fills positions in 12 fewer days than the national average – a 60% faster fill rate.

Contractor Retention Rate
180 Engineering’s contractor retention rate is 98% whereas the national average is only 70%.

What is a Staffing Agency?

Staffing agencies hire needed professionals for temporary placement. For companies that have an immediate employment need, contractors can be used to complete projects, hit deadlines, and boost productivity. Additionally, the engineering community is being challenged by the high retirement rates among Baby Boomer engineers.

We have found that Baby Boomer engineers often want to continue working but in a slightly different and more flexible capacity. Retaining these often critically important engineers is needed to avoid talent and expertise gaps. Facilitated by an extensive network within the Chicagoland area and the greater Midwest, 180 Engineering customizes staffing solutions to meet our clients and our candidates’ needs

Why Select 180 Engineering as Your Engineering Staffing Agency?

  • We fulfill immediate staffing needs within a wide range of engineering and technical functions.
  • We customize solutions to meet the changing needs of both our clients and our candidates.
  • Check out our above performance metrics. Our numbers tell the story.

Contract Staffing Solutions Fee Structure

  • Fee built into contractor bill rate.
  • Billed monthly.