How We Fill/Approach

How We Fill/Approach

Candidates & Hiring Organizations – Reaching the Same Peak for Success

At the beginning of the hiring process, both candidates and hiring organizations are looking up at the same “mountain.” Although each have the goal of reaching the same peak – a great hire for the hiring organization and an exciting career move for the candidate –  both have different perspectives, different obstacles and are climbing the mountain from different sides.

At the end of the process, a hiring manager and a candidate want to be standing on the same peak, aligned, ready to move the organization forward together. However, reaching this peak where the ideal candidate is matched with the ideal position is not easy. 180 Engineering helps you reach the summit more often by acting as your trusted advisor navigating and advising both candidate and hiring organization.

180 Engineering’s Summiting Process

Our process gets substantially more hiring managers and candidates to the peak of the mountain together than the national average. In fact, 180 Engineering achieves a Fills per Contract percentage that is 75% higher than the national average.*

By serving as a trusted, expert advisor we help both candidates and hiring organization reach the summit together. How do we do this?

Candidate Coach

Each step of the journey, we listen to the candidate’s needs, career goals and life goals. We are never pushy, but do set clear expectations that clearly outline how the process will work. Interview prepping, debriefing, answering questions and listening to concerns are all critical parts of the process. In the final stages of the interviewing process, we continue to be an advocate, aiding with the negotiation process, answering questions and setting realistic expectations.

Hiring Organization Advisor

180 Engineering also plays the role of trusted advisor for the hiring organization. We present a candidate meeting and exceeding specified requirements and provide accurate market insights that set appropriate expectations and allow the hiring organization to make the best decisions. We provide regular updates on candidate interest and needs and over-communicate during the final offer and offer acceptance stages.

At the end of the trek, 180 Engineering gets 75% more hiring organizations and candidates to the same peak than the national average.