Managing Mechanical Engineering Careers – 11 Tips


February 28, 2020


180 Engineering

There’s more to being a successful mechanical engineer than being good at math and science. Whether you’re a recent engineering graduate or have been working as a mechanical engineering manager for many years, there are tips and strategies that can help you advance in your profession. Let’s take a look at some of these tips that can take your engineering career to the next level.

1. Think like a businessman. OK, I realize this sounds counter-intuitive, but the reality is that engineering firms are looking to hire engineers who think like business people. They want engineers who have been involved with strategy and planning and know their way around a balance sheet and income statements. Young engineers need to understand how the total costs to produce your company’s products affect decisions.

2. Think outside your discipline. You might have gone to college to study mechanical engineering, but today’s complex products often contain software and related electronic components so there will be times when design issues will confront you that fall outside of your technical discipline. Learn the basics of relevant specialties.

3. Be a team player. Professional engineering involves collaboration among many different disciplines that must come together to resolve complex issues and formulate solutions to bring products to the market. As a result, communication skills are as important as technical expertise.

4. Follow the rules. Academia often rewards those who think freely. Industry does too but within the confines of established design procedures and best practices. Learn to live by your employers’ values and codes of conduct or move on.

5. Be part of the innovation pipeline. Always be open to new ideas, even if they come from sources outside your group. Beware of the Not-Invented-Here bias that exists at some companies. Companies will reward… continue reading the article