PM.2 Download PMinLS

PM.2 Download PMinLS

PM.2 / Becoming a Project Manager within the Medical Device or Pharmaceutical Industries

PMinLS collaborated with 180 Engineering to create a three-part project management series designed to explore the project management function, specifically exploring project management in life sciences.

This second piece in the project management series is designed to provide insights and information specifically for those considering a project management position within the pharmaceutical or medical device industries.

This piece includes:
  • What’s Different About Working in Life Sciences?
  • Project Management Within the Highly Regulated Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • 5 Tips for Breaking into Medical Device or Pharmaceutical Industry Project Management
  • Medical Device Project Manager Compensation
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Industry Trends
  • From the Life Sciences Project Management Trenches
  • Is Project Management Right for Me? Self-Assessment

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