Seven Technological Innovations Coming Forward to Tackle COVID-19


May 11, 2020


180 Engineering

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From digital stethoscopes to an AI-driven virus tracking system, a raft of new innovations have come to the fore as scientists take the fight to Covid-19.

Modern technologies available to researchers have helped them advance the global effort to not only find a vaccine but to track and trace infected patients, diagnose those who have the disease, and treat the worst symptoms.

As the world tries to tame a pandemic that has changed life as we know it for many and dismantled economies, we take a look at seven of these innovations that have played a role so far.

Technological innovations to come forward during Covid-19

BillionToOne’s DNA molecule-matching technology

BillionToOne, founded by Princeton University graduates Dr. Oguzhan Atay and David Tsao in 2016, is a diagnostics company focused on genetic testing.

The start-up says its technology can measure DNA in 1,000 times more detail, creating an accurate diagnostics tool that can track changes inside the body at a molecular level.

On 7 April, the firm unveiled its Covid-19 test protocol, which it claims will enable one million tests for the virus to take place a day in the US alone.

Speaking at the time, BillionToOne’s Dr. Atay said: “We’re honored to be on the front lines of this fight against the pandemic, and we’re certain this unique technology will help save lives and stop the spread of the virus.”

Using its qSanger spike-in technology — which is designed to…continue reading article